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Friday, October 31, 2008

Missouri Baptist Convention - Final Day (10/29/08)

Let me update you on the final day of the Missouri Baptist Convention, Wednesday, October 29. It was composed of a packed morning session that included the election of 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President and Recording Secretary. It took run-off votes in all three, and those elected were:

Bruce McCoy - President
John Marshall - First Vice-President
Mitch Jackson - Second Vice-President
Jamie Witt - Recording Secretary

Pray for these folks as they serve in leadership of our convention in the year ahead.

The only motion considered by messengers was a motion to discontinue the legal action that seeks to restore five Missouri Baptist entities that unilaterally decided to change their charters in order to become self-perpetuating. Simply, the agencies decided they did not want to take direction from the Missouri Baptist Convention any longer, which included allowing their trustees to be selected and approved through the convention. Since 2002, the convention has been seeking to get those charters overturned and the agencies restored to the MBC family.

Right now, the convention is awaiting an appeals court hearing to see whether a lower court decision in favor of one of the agencies will be overturned. The messengers defeated the motion to end the legal action, choosing to allow the appeals process to go forward. Pray for a resolution to this terrible mess very soon - one way or the other.

There was more music and great preaching mixed in among all the reports and business. All in all, it was a great convention with a wonderful spirit. Rose worked the entire time, as she headed up Registration for the meeting. Thank you for allowing me to attend. Keep the work of our convention in your prayers.