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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wave of Persecution Against Christians Sweeps Over India

Here is information on an increase in persecution against Christians in India. Please pray for the believers there as they face increasing persecution for the name of Jesus Christ:
Two of India's religious leaders met with business and church leaders at Biola University in September to discuss the current persecution in India with Fox news. The Fox news special aired on Friday, Oct. 3, titled “Attacks on Christians in India Continue, Thousands Flee.”

“A tragic situation in India, some are even calling it genocide,” said Fox 11 News co-anchor, Carlos Amezcua, opening the feature.

Religious leaders, Reverend Richard Howell, general secretary of Evangelical Fellowship of India, and Ramesh Landge, executive director of Cooperative Outreach of India, came to America to draw attention to the violence in their home country of India that began in late August. As part of their crusade, they visited Biola University to meet with church and business leaders to raise awareness of India's persecution.

Violence started on Aug. 24 this year, a day after a Hindu leader who opposed conversions to Christianity was killed along with four associates in Orissa's Kandhamal district, so Orissa is the hardest hit state. A Maoist group claimed responsibility for the killings, however Hindu radical groups blamed Christians.

Hindu nationals are targeting Christians causing 50,000 Christians to take refuge in jungles. Thousands of Christians have fled their homes in fear of more violence. Churches, homes, orphanages and Bibles have been burned.

The Indian leaders came to America to plead for help. They said they need America's help to change the situation in India. The Indian government has taken no action.

Biola Board of Trustee member, Promod Haque, born in India, said, “'s intolerable and unacceptable and just doesn't have any place there at all. This is time now for all of Indians to stand up and be counted — business men in India, business men here in the U.S. of Indian origin, engineers, scientists, IT workers, and say ‘Listen, this is not India, this is not a picture of India we want to portray to the outside world, this has to stop.’”