Cornerstone Baptist Church, 4930 Old Lohman Rd., Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109

Monday, January 26, 2009

Greetings from Springfield, MO!

Greetings from Springfield, Missouri! Rose and I are in Springfield for the State Evangelism Conference being held here. Rose is working registration for the Missouri Baptist Convention. I will attend some of the sessions, and will also take some time to finish up preparations to lead our Winter Bible Study that will begin this Friday, January 30.

When Worldviews Collide is a study based on the book of Acts, and focused on helping us to better understand the worldviews of Hindus, Buddhists, Judaism and Muslims so that we can be more effective in sharing our faith. I hope you are planning to be a part of this unique study. We will watch teaching clips during each session taught by Dr. Ergun Caner, a former Muslim who is now a vibrant follower of Jesus Christ. We will discuss what we learn together during the sessions. Notes will be provided for you, so just bring yourself and someone else to enjoy this study!

Rose and I plan to be home Wednesday if we can get through the coming snow and ice. Be careful, have a great week, and we'll see you soon! Take care!