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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Devotional Thought: "In the Beginning God . . . . "

"In the beginning God . . . . . . . " - Genesis 1:1

The first verse of the Bible conveys to us one of the most essential truths in all of life. In fact, if you accept this truth, it will profoundly impact the entire course of your life! It is, quite simply, the fact that "In the beginning God . . . " The verse goes on to say "created the heaven and the earth." We tend to focus on what God did "in the beginning," rather than on the larger truth that "in the beginning" it was only "God".

The original Hebrew can literally be translated "in the head of all things." It tells us that in the absolute beginning, before which there is nothing but eternity, God was there! You cannot take the Bible seriously if you do not accept the foundational truth that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all.

In practical terms, the order of creation should be the order in your life and mine. "In the beginning God . . . . . " Does that describe your life? Is God the "head of all things" in your life? Does everything begin and end with Him? It did with creation, and it should every day in us. God did a fine job with creation, and He will do a fine job in our lives if we will acknowledge Him as the "head of all things."

"In the beginning God . . . . . . "


NOTE: Beginning today, I will be sharing devotional thoughts from the Bible several times each week. I'd like to do so each day, but don't know if I can quite keep that schedule with all the unexpected things that can come up in the life of a church family. But several times each week, look for these devotional thoughts here at the Cornerstone Blog.