Cornerstone Baptist Church, 4930 Old Lohman Rd., Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109

Monday, April 27, 2009

"Lay Renewal Weekend" Draws More Than 100 to Participate; Leads to Deeper Commitment to Christ

It is the morning after our Lay Renewal Weekend, and I am thanking God for the way He worked in hearts and lives during the past three days. Over the weekend we saw more than 100 of our people participate in at least one session of the Lay Renewal Weekend. Two people made the decision to unite with Cornerstone by transfer of letter, and one made a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ! Many other people felt led to pray at the altar or make a private commitment or rededication of life to Jesus Christ. We praise God for every single one of those decisions!

God put together a wonderful team of people who came and led us! It is amazing to know that the Coordinator, Bob F., had really never worked with anyone on the team before. They came from Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Georgia, and North Carolina. Yet, God knew exactly who needed to be here with us for this weekend.

He blessed us through the testimonies of these laypeople, who simply shared what Jesus Christ had done in their lives. But that simple testimony is powerful, because it communicates to us what God can do in us if we will be submitted and open to His leadership, power, and grace.

The Weekend provided time for us to draw closer together, to better understand one another and pray for each other's needs. I am coming away from this time with a real sense of renewal, refreshing, and encouragement! I hope you are too!

In the days ahead, we will work together on ways we can continue to draw closer together and more effectively share the love and power of Jesus Christ with our neighborhood and community.

Thank you to everyone who made this special weekend possible by opening your homes to house our visiting team members; by hosting cottage prayer meetings or coffee groups; by helping to organize and prepare the many details of this special time; by working on the Kitchen Crew to prepare and serve meals, or by bringing food to the meals; by doing transportation, cleanup, and sound equipment; by preparing displays and promotional material. On and on I could go! I am so proud of the way you pulled together and with God's leadership and strength, made this an important time in the life of our church.

Our thoughts must be drawn today to Bill and Dione Campbell. It was Bill who brought forward to idea to have a Lay Renewal Weekend at Cornerstone. Bill recruited many of those who prepared for the Weekend, and set a solid foundation for it to work. We missed them both so much, but felt their influence and presence through prayer with us all through the Weekend. Thank you, Bill and Dione, for urging us to open ourselves to what God wanted to do during Lay Renewal.

Most of all I just want to thank you for being open to the work of God in your life. As long as we stay open to Him and close to Him and His Word, renewal will be far more than a weekend experience. It will be our life-long experience of walking with Jesus day by day!

Pastor Brian