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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Missouri Baptist Convention to be Held October 26-28

This coming week is the Annual Meeting of the Missouri Baptist Convention. It will be held at First Baptist Church, Raytown, MO beginning Monday night, October 26, and continuing through Wednesday, October 28. Our church has five messengers elected by the congregation who will be attending. Some important matters will be addressed by the Convention, and lots of reports will be heard. In addition, there will be many wonderful speakers and times of worship.

Please pray for God's leadership and that His will would be done in every decision that is made.

One of the issues to be decided is regarding the budget. A proposal is being made that churches be able to choose between a "Plan A" and a "Plan B" in terms of their giving to the Cooperative Program.

"Plan A" would allow funds to be used to fund the effort by our convention to recover renegade agencies that changed their charters without convention approval and removed themselves from the control of the Missouri Baptist Convention which founded, built, and nurtured them. Thus far, legal efforts to have that action rescinded and the agencies returned to the convention have been unsuccessful, and millions of dollars in legal fees have been spent.

"Plan B," if chosen by a church, would not allow any Cooperative Program funds to be directed to paying for the legal effort, but would, instead, direct some funds to faithful convention entities like the Missouri Baptist Children's Home.

If this budget giving plan is adopted, each church would have to make its own choice as to how their Cooperative Program funds would be used. However, if a church makes no specification, the default method would be "Plan A."

If I am able, I will try to write some updates on how things are going at the end of each day. We need God's help and direction.