Cornerstone Baptist Church, 4930 Old Lohman Rd., Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Building Remodeling to Add Improved Classroom Space

One of the things we are so grateful for right now is the tremendous work being done by our Building and Grounds Committee, and committed volunteers, to add additional classroom space to our facilities. They have been working so hard, and the project is really coming along!

They have taken what used to be our "Old Fellowship Hall" and are remodeling it to add three classrooms around the perimeter of the area. When completed, there will be three new classrooms - one large and two mid-size rooms. The larger room will be equipped as a "Media Room" that can be used for video studies in addition to Sunday School.

The middle area of what used to be the "Old Fellowship Hall" is being preserved as a nice meeting area that will have a video screen available as well. It's going to be a great addition to our church and to our ability to continue expanding our Sunday School and other discipleship ministries.

A big "Thank You" goes out to Rick M. and Steve G. for heading up this effort, and to all those who are working so hard to make it possible!