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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Southern Baptists Adopt Amended Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report

The Southern Baptist Convention adopted the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report after it was amended to put more emphasis on the central place of the Cooperative Program in Southern Baptist life:
Baptist Press: Southern Baptist Convention messengers overwhelmingly adopted the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force report Monday afternoon after it was amended twice to strengthen the language regarding the Cooperative Program.

Much of the debate focused on Component 3, which adds a new giving category -- Great Commission Giving -- to the Annual Church Profile to encompass Cooperative Program giving and designated giving to Southern Baptist causes. . . .Read More

I was very proud of Missouri Baptist Convention Executive Director David Tolliver, who made a motion to refer the report to the SBC Executive Committee in order to "count the cost" of making the radical changes it suggests to the North American Mission Board in particular. But his motion was defeated. He could not have done a better job at explaining why it would make sense to know what we are doing before we are doing it.

Now that it has passed, we just have to hope and pray that it will do what the proponents of it have claimed it would - increase support for the Cooperative Program, and not harm it. As a local church, we must continue to do our part, giving faithfully and sharing Christ in every way we know how. I pray God will use this for good, and make our witness as a denomination stronger because of it.