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Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011 Sermon Schedule

I hope you have had a great holiday week, culminating in the beginning of the New Year! 2011 will be filled with opportunities that God will give us to live for Him, and to share His amazing love.

Here is the Sermon Schedule for the month of January. In our Morning Services this month, we will focus on the importance of God's Word to our lives. As a church, we have committed 2011 to the theme of, "Going Deeper in God's Word." To that end, we will begin with a sermon series on how the Bible must become central to our daily lives. On Sunday Evenings, we will continue our verse-by-verse look at the book of Romans.

Sermon Schedule
January 2011
01-02-11 AM
“Trusting God’s Word”
John 17:17
01-02-11 PM
Romans: “The Reign of Sin vs. the Reign of Life”
Romans 5:12-21
01-09-11 AM
“Satisfied with God’s Word”
Luke 16:31
01-09-11 PM
Romans: “What Happens when You are Born Again?”
Romans 6:1-7
01-16-11 AM
“Being Submissive to God’s Word”
John 10:35
01-16-11 PM
Romans: “The Road to a Victorious Christian Life”
Romans 6:8-14
01-23-11 AM
“Obeying God’s Word”
Matthew 4:4
01-23-11 PM
Romans: “Slave to Sin or Servant of God: Which are You?”
Romans 6:15-22
01-30-11 AM
“Understanding God’s Word”
Psalm 119:34
01-30-11 PM
Romans: “The Decision of Destiny”
Romans 6:23