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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mythbuster: Church-Attending Christians Less Likely to Divorce After All

You have probably heard people say that Christians are getting divorced in today's society at just as fast a rate as those who are not Christians. Sometimes, you even hear preachers say that.

Problem is - it's a myth.

Baptist Press is out with an article that points out the findings of a University of Connecticut Sociologist who says that 32% of Christians who attend church at least once a week have been divorced. That's compared to 48% of all non-Christians who have experienced divorce. Here are the numbers:

58%, non-frequent Black Protestants
54%, non-frequent Evangelicals
51%, no religion (e.g., atheists & agnostics)
48%, ALL NON-CHRISTIANS48%, non-frequent, other religions
47%, frequent Black Protestants
42%, non-frequent, mainline Protestants
41%, non-frequent Catholics
39%, Jews
38%, frequent other religions
34%, frequent Evangelicals
32%, frequent mainline Protestants
23%, frequent Catholics
 Being a committed follower of Jesus Christ is no guarantee that divorce won't happen. But it clearly does have a positive, practical impact on the peace and fulfillment a person can experience in life and marriage. Notice that it is true that "non-frequent" church attenders who claim to be Christians have an even greater likelihood of experiencing divorce than non-Christians. Practicing your faith - living it out - is vital to having the kind of life God intends for you to have.