Cornerstone Baptist Church, 4930 Old Lohman Rd., Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cornerstone Surpasses 2011 World Hunger Fund Goal!

Thanks to your very generous giving, we have gone over our church goal for the 2011 World Hunger Offering with $2,695 already given! That is outstanding, particularly in these difficult economic times, and considering most of this came in on a single Sunday - this past Lord's Day.  You continue to inspire me with your incredible generosity and faithfulness to the Lord's work.

Giving is a joy, isn't it? It ought to be. When we reflect on how unselfishly Jesus gave His all for us, it is actually difficult not to give! As we give our tithes (10%) to the work of the Lord month by month, and as we give over and above our tithes to special offerings like the World Hunger Offering, rejoice that you are playing a vital role in the work of God's Kingdom, and you are making an eternal investment! Thanks again.