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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Task Force makes Compromise Recommendation on Name Change for the Southern Baptist Convention (Video)

SBC Name Change Press Conference from Baptist Press on Vimeo.

This is audio of a task force appointed by Southern Baptist Convention President Bryant Wright discussing their recommendation on a possible name change for the Southern Baptist Convention.

 For years, some have felt the word "Southern" in the name of our convention is a detriment to work in some parts of the United States, and with some groups of people. The task force has come up with a recommendation that would seem, amazingly, to address all sides of the issue.

 They are recommending that the legal name of our convention remain "Southern Baptist Convention," but that the informal name "Great Commission Baptists" also be adopted for those who prefer to use it. Those churches that want to continue using "Southern Baptist" can certainly continue to do so. They indicated they believe the name "Great Commission Baptists" can be trademarked if approved by the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in New Orleans in June.

Task Force Chairman, Dr. Jimmy Draper, described this recommendation as a "win-win" for the denomination.