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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Sermons to Answer Key Questions, Focus on God's Power to Deliver

Over the next several weeks, I will be preaching a sermon series on Sunday Mornings (10:30 am) that answer a series of "Why?" questions. On Sunday Evenings (6:00 pm), we will continue our journey through the Book of Exodus and how God delivered His people from bondage. I know summer is a very busy time, but I hope you will make worship a central part of your weekly schedule. When we give God that time, He does amazing things in our hearts and minds. It's one of those Spiritual principles that if you give God those hours to glorify Him, you receive blessings in  your own life beyond what you can imagine!

Sermon Schedule
July 29, 2012 – August 26, 2012
07-29-12 AM
“Why – Believe there is Absolute Truth?”
John 18:37-40
07-29-12 PM
Exodus: “Where Do You Stand when Trouble Comes?”
Exodus 14:1-31

08-05-12 AM
“Why – are We Here?”
Philippians 3:7-12
08-05-12 PM
Exodus: “There is None Like You”
Exodus 15

08-12-12 AM
“Why – Can I Go to Heaven?”
Romans 5:1-11
08-12-12 PM
Exodus: “Do You See the Glory of the Lord?”
Exodus 16:10

08-19-12 AM
Supply Preacher

08-19-12 PM
Supply Preacher

08-26-12 AM
“Why – Do People Reject Jesus?”
Luke 9:51-62
08-26-12 PM
Missouri Missions Offering Kickoff