Cornerstone Baptist Church, 4930 Old Lohman Rd., Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Simply Trusting Every Day"

We had a great weekend February 1-3, 2013, studying about how God is at work to grow our faith - to give us "Big Faith!" It is important to remember that faith is trust in God. It is God's desire to lead us and develop us in our willingness to trust Him without reservation.

It's one thing for us to talk about trusting God, and it is quite another to actually do it. When we become a Christian, it means we have saving faith - we put our trust in Jesus Christ to forgive us of sin when we confess that we are sinners in need of His help. When we trust in His finished work on the cross and in His resurrection, He forgives us and makes us a part of His family.

The rest of life as a follower of Jesus is all about trusting Him in every aspect of life, day by day and moment by moment. Once saved and forgiven, we are His children forever! But living by faith, trusting in Him day by day is how we grow and become more and more like Jesus.

Let God use His Word, Providential Relationships, the Private Disciplines of Giving, Prayer and Fasting, Personal Ministry experiences and Pivotal Circumstances to grow your faith from now until you step into heaven one day. May He be glorified greatly in each of us, and in His church, as we trust Him!