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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sign-Up Now Online to be a Part of our New Church Pictorial Directory - August 13-17!

I hope you will sign up to be a part of our new Church Pictorial Directory. You can sign up for an appointment time online right now! The dates are August 13-17, 2013 - that's Tuesday - Saturday.

Every family unit will received a free 8 x 10 for participating! There is no charge for the session. You will have the opportunity to purchase pictures from our photography company, Lifetouch. But you are not required to do so.

Another important point - you do not have to be a member of Cornerstone to participate. If you have family or friends you would like to invite, feel free to do so. They will receive the free 8 x 10 for participating. The more family units we have photographed, the more activity pages we get for our directory.

One last word about participating. I want you to look at this as a ministry. You may be thinking - "I don't want to do that." Well, this is not entirely about you. You help our church family by participating. When new members come to our church, it will be a great help to them to be able to look through the directory and put names with faces as they seek to become a part of our family of faith. That's why we want this directory to be as complete as possible. It will bless you, but you will also bless others by taking part. We want anyone and everyone who comes to Cornerstone to be in this directory!

So, take a moment right now to schedule a time to be photographed, and begin inviting your extended family and friends to join us as well. We look forward to this being a tremendous success! Thank you for helping with this effort!

Your Pastor,


UPDATE: We are getting a great response! Lifetouch has opened up the 13th for appointments now as well. 

UPDATE: Lifetouch has opened up the 14th for appointments. We are getting a great response! Please make your appointment now!

NOTE: Our dates for photography are August 15-17. If we fill up those dates, Lifetouch will open up August 14 for appointments.