Cornerstone Baptist Church, 4930 Old Lohman Rd., Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cornerstone Joins "True" Network; Cards to be distributed in October 26 Morning Service

 Cornerstone has voted to join the "True" network of churches dedicated to sharing the Good News that Jesus is the only way to "True Life."

 The unique concept provides church members with simple business-sized cards that has Cornerstone's information on one side, and on the other the message, "" - Free Video Answers to Life's Hard Questions."

 At the website, you will find dozens of videos from leading Christian scholars and speakers that answers many of the most common issues people face in life.

 We will begin distributing the cards to people present in our 10:30 AM Worship Service this Sunday, October 26. I hope you will take five cards and ask God to give you the opportunity to simply hand those cards to people you encounter in your daily life. I believe God will answer that prayer! The cards will be available to you on an ongoing basis.

 You can always view the "True Life" video player on our church website or at